Using agave plants brought to us from the foothills of Guadalajara, Tailwinds™ 100% Blue Agave Spirit encompasses the full flavor and history of North America's first distilled spirit. The noble agave takes nearly a decade to mature for harvest and we continue the process with slow fermentation and distillation. The mash is distilled in house after a 12 day fermentation to convert the sugars of the Agave into ethanol.


Tailwinds™ Silver 100% Blue Agave Spirit is slowly and carefully blended over several days down to its bottle proof of 80(40% ABV) before it is lightly filtered to ensure we release a quality spirit without removing any of its flavor.  The result is an exceptionally smooth spirit with subtle hints of white flowers and white grapes.

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Tailwinds™ Rested 100% Blue Agave Spirit is allowed to mature for over a year inside of American Oak barrels that were formerly home to American made Bourbons. There is no substitute for time when imparting the rich flavors of the oak and sweet bourbon into our Agave Spirit. Given the amount of time and care we put into the barreling process of Tailwinds™ Rested, we only release one barrel of spirit every four to six months.

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DISCLAIMER: Our labels are applied by hand individually one at a time, by our staff or volunteers during one our bottling parties. They may be slightly crooked, and we are proud of it. Let this assure you that each one of our bottles was inspected by our hands.

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