Rum and aviation have a rich history in America. One led a revolution.  The other led an era that defined American icons. Taildragger™ encompasses the Beall family's deep roots in aviation as they lead another revolution to bring back rum as an iconic American spirit. Taildragger™ Rum starts with the highest grade sugar molasses available.  Our spirits are never charcoal or chill filtered because it removes too much of the raw cane charm.


Our newest addition at Tailwinds™, Taildragger™ After Dark Rum is created by aging 115 proof white rum on French oak for a short period of time. During the oak charring process the same molasses where rum began is added to the flames instantly caramelizing giving the rum its rich mocha/caramel notes and dark coloring. It is smooth enough to sip neat or float in your tiki cocktails.  "A rock solid overproof dark rum with lots of caramel character for punches" - Tastings.com

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Taildragger™ White Rum is fermented over a four to five day period converting the sugars into alcohol. This fermented wash is then distilled in a process where our distillers still use smell and taste while manually adjusting the still to ensure only the finest cut or heart of the spirit is collected. Because we use molasses that is formed from only boiling the cane juice once, our white rum has an "agricole like" quality. The raw cane nose of fresh grass, caramel and tropical fruit may be more than you are accustomed to from a white rum.

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Taildragger™ Amber Rum is barreled immediately after distillation. We rest our rum in American Oak barrels once used for rye whiskey from the heartland of Kentucky. The aging process, which takes at least two years, gives our rum its natural amber hue, a hint of vanilla and the complexity of the toasted oak with slight rye whiskey tones.

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Taildragger™ Coffee Rum is a perfect marriage of Taildragger™ White Rum & Ten Drops Coffee Roasters' variety of beans (varying by batch) .  After the beans have been freshly roasted they are blended for several days with our white rum. No artificial flavors or colors are ever added to this process. The finished product is unbelievably smooth with a hint of sweetness and vanilla. This leaves a beautifully parable spirit perfect for anytime of year.

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Taildragger™ Torched Coconut Flavored Rum is the newest Taildragger in rum fleet at Tailwinds Distilling. We only use coconuts that have fallen into the ocean in Hawaii and traveled around the globe by way of the Circumpolar Current. We then painstakingly toast them using the blast from a real cf34 jet aircraft engine and let it rest with our Taildragger White Rum. JK! Or are we? We add just a touch of sweetness to offset the bitterness of the natural coconut. Make no mistake, at 60 proof this coconut rum can still proudly be called a rum. The result is a beautifully balanced tropical spirit with a creamy rich finish.

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DISCLAIMER: Our labels are applied by hand individually one at a time, by our staff or volunteers during one our bottling parties. They may be slightly crooked, and we are proud of it. Let this assure you that each one of our bottles was inspected by our hands.

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