WGN Radio Interview with Jillian from Tailwinds

Jillian Beall from Tailwinds Distilling Company™ joins Brian in-studio to discuss and sample different types of rums (including a delicious and much-hyped coffee rum), covering various rum-related information such as what each color means and what mixes well with each type of rum. She also covers all the details of the 2017 Midwest Rum Festival on April 8 at the Logan Square Auditorium.

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Artisan Spirit Magazine: Making Agave Spirits in the U.S.

Artisan Spirit Magazine's profile of Tailwinds Distilling Co.™:

“Toby Beall and his wife were living in Arizone, surrounded by quality Mexican-made agave spirits like tequila and mezcal, when they started planning their Plainfield, Illinois rum distillery.”

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The Fifty Best: Double-Gold Award

The Fifty Best held a “blind” tasting of 14 white rums with 16 pre-qualified judges. Strict tasting rules were applied.

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Taildragger™ After Dark scored 90 points in's review, and was awarded a Gold Medal and Exceptional rating. "Dark copper color. Aromas of molasses covered raisins, burnt sugar, dark roasted nuts, and coffee with a supple, lively, fruity medium-full body and a hot, captivating, long mocha gelato, white pepper, creme brulee, and fuel-like minerals finish. A rock solid overproof rum with lots of caramel character for punches."

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Distiller: 92 Rating for Taildragger Amber Rum

Distiller was founded and built by spirits enthusiasts and appreciators. Some of us know more than others, but we're united in a shared appreciation for spirits, their history and range. As we began to learn more about spirits, we found all sorts of blogs and books about what other people had enjoyed, but nothing really helped us find what we might enjoy next.

One of the highest rated rums made in the United States!

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The Washington Cup Competition: A Competition for American-Made Spiritous Liqueurs

The Washington Cup is the first competition of its kind – a competition exclusively for American made spirits and liqueurs. We seek to provide an opportunity for the best of these new distilleries to demonstrate their skills and the excellence of their products on a level playing field. By creating the Washington Cup, our goal is to bring attention to new and established high quality American spirits and liqueurs.

Taildragger White Rum (Silver Medal)

Taildragger Amber Rum (Bronze Medal)

Taildragger Coffee Rum (Bronze Medal)

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Inc: What It Really Takes to Open a Craft Distillery

Published on September 3, 2014

Boutique American distilleries are having a moment. But just because you've figured out the perfect recipe for your artisinal whiskey doesn't mean you can start selling it. There are three levels of red tape craft distillers have to get past—federal, state, and local, which can entail cities and/or counties—and many rules are time-consuming, and often non-existent. (One distiller I spoke with said it isn't unheard of for local authorities to go back to the books and look up workarounds.)

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Written November 2013

Featured as part of a larger piece about rum's resurgence in the United States in the past few years, Toby was interviewed among the "very important personalties… keeping this growing category sailing smooth."

“One of our biggest challenges is that rum is still an underdog in the United States, especially in the craft category,” says Beall. “That said, the reward is seeing someone who swore off rum fall in love with Taildragger and even drink it neat. They don’t often realize what character the spirit can offer. I am excited for the future of rum in this country.”

Toby brought along some Taildragger™ White Rum and was featured alongside distillers like Gustavo Ortega Zeller, Sammy Hagar, and Kenny Chesney.

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Written on October 5, 2013

Local Plainfield resident Stefanie Rock profiles Tailwinds™ as part of her Shop Small series about independent shops & restaurants.

You'll find Tailwinds Rum & Blue Agave spirits at several bars around town and in Chicago. Some of us are lucky enough to find them in virtually our backyard.

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RUM CONNECTION: Welcome to Tailwinds

Published on January 28, 2013

In case you haven’t heard, there’s award winning rum being distilled in the Chicago suburbs. Welcome to Tailwinds™ Distilling.

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Written on September 28, 2013

Bahama Bob's is a blog that will take you through the Rum lifestyles of a fine group of people that enjoy the fun and pleasure of fine rums. Check out Bob's reviews of some of the Tailwinds™ Rums below.

Taildrager Amber Rum: Pure Rum Personified

This is a rum that will take you to a remote isle in the Caribbean and offers you the feeling of freedom and escape that keeps you in a great and happy mood.

Taildragger™ Coffee Rum

It is mellow on the palate, and finishes with a rich dark coffee flavor that seems to linger for a long time. I'm liking this one very much and have all ready put it to work this morning.

Taildragger™ Rum: An Agricole Style White Rum

The rum is extremely smooth and the flavors linger long after the very soft finish. Actually sipable with a cube of ice to open it up, this is a first class and flavorful white rum.


Written on April 26, 2013

Chicago Sustainable Food Examiner Bob Benenson covered Tailwinds™ after attending a Whiskey Week spirits tasting event at Binny's and stopping by the Tailwinds™ booth.

Whereas many U.S. craft distillers start out with varieties of vodka, gin and whiskey, Tailwinds is focusing on south of the border varieties such as rum, tequila and coffee liqueur.

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Written on June 26, 2013

Self described writer, world traveler, and culinary historian Cynthia Clampitt featured a write-up about Tailwinds™ Distillery on her blog The World's Fare.

Tailwinds Distillery in Plainfield is a top-notch distillery of exceptionally fine rum. When I met Toby Beall, who is the founder and head distiller for Tailwinds, I learned that his interest in rum, like mine, is anchored in history. He is a descendant of some of the hundred-plus early rum distillers of colonial New England.

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Written on September 16, 2013

Tailwinds™ was featured in an article on Good Food on Every Table, a primary source for people who are interested in the Good Food movement.

The operation drew immediate attention because of the unconventional tropical emphasis of its product line. Most craft distillers tend to feature vodka, gin, and varieties of whiskey. While Tailwinds is hardly alone in producing rum —several others do too — it stands out for making rum its signature product.

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